Root Canals

Root Canals

Root canals may get a bad rap, but these extremely routine, safe, and relatively painless procedures actually help save teeth from extraction. Root canals are typically performed on an injured tooth that doesn’t heal on its own or on a tooth that is severely infected from a deep canal. The procedure consists of removing the content of the tooth, which is unhealthy for your entire mouth and body so that you can go on living with a healthy, complete, and pain-free smile.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Some signs that you have a tooth that needs to be saved by a root canal includes:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Gum swelling
  • A recurrent pimple on gums

Reasons for Root Canals

Root canals address a variety of dental problems such as:

  • An abscess
  • A cavity that has reached your tooth pulp
  • An injury that has caused a tooth nerve to become severed
  • A tooth fracture
  • An inflammation of a tooth nerve from repeated dental procedures

Root Canals at Dental Partners

Save a damaged or infected tooth from extraction with root canals at Dental Partners. Contact our experienced dental team for more information about root canals or to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to caring for you and your smile!

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