ADDP Dentist in Doral | What is Fluoride Treatment?

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Did you know that 2 in 4 children are prone to cavities? We have the perfect solution for you—fluoride treatment! This treatment involves a protective coating on your teeth to prevent cavities! Learn more about your ADDP dentist in Doral below!


What It Is

First things first, fluoride is a natural mineral containing cavity prevention properties. Fluoride treatment reduces your chances for producing cavities and prevents existing ones. No wonder toothpaste has fluoride in it!

In fact, the treatment speeds up the re-mineralization of your teeth making it stronger than ever before!



Moreover, there are many benefits associated with a fluoride treatment. These include:

In addition, fluoride treatment is effective for both children and adults. However, we highly recommend these treatments for children because of a higher level of sugar consumed by children than adults.


What to Expect

Furthermore, it is important to note that the treatment is completed with a gel or varnish. It contains a higher amount of fluoride for maximum effect. We recommend waiting an hour before consuming or drinking again.


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Are You in Need of an ADDP Dentist in Doral?

Last but not least, the quality of your teeth is our priority. We want you to love your smile and maintain strong, healthy teeth for years to come. Contact us today to make an appointment for a fluoride treatment!


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