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Did you know that wisdom teeth are the last teeth to complete the adult mouth? They are the third set of molars that can cause severe pain if not extracted sooner. Keep reading for more information about your United Concordia Dentist in Doral!



What are Wisdom Teeth?

For starters, wisdom teeth the third and final set of molars that come about in the late teens or early twenties. As we get older, the adult mouth can only hold up to 32 teeth.

If the wisdom teeth erupt and causes teeth misalignment, then it’s time to get your wisdom teeth removed.



Common Symptoms

In addition, there are symptoms that you should be aware of when wisdom teeth arise. You should visit us right away if you are experiencing the following:




What We Do

Furthermore, to determine if you have wisdom teeth, we will need to perform an evaluation. During this evaluation, an x-ray may be taken to analyze your teeth alignment. Then, we will recommend that wisdom teeth removal is necessary if you are found to have misalignment.

Typically, this surgery is performed by an oral surgeon and the affected area should be treated as soon as possible.


where can i find the best united concordia dentist in doral for wisdom teeth?


Are You in Need of a United Concordia Dentist in Doral?

Lastly, we know that your smile is important to you! We make the wisdom teeth process simple for you where you can smile again with confidence. Contact us today for more information!

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